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The rules in photography, the composition and everything else has existed for years, and now, one cannot come up with something by passing it off as new stuff.

Photography is however characterized by technical terms and procedures, so it is essential that those who go to explain things are aware of the people in front of them.

It is quite different from taking a photography course aimed at those who do not know anything about photography and who is already a hobbyist who wants to learn more about the topics learned.

Photography is simple, the rules are few, and once the teacher explains to you how these photographic rules work, it is just a matter of putting them into practice

What to Expect From an Online Photography Course

  • the basic operation of the cameras;
  • explain the aperture / time / ISO in photography
  • to explain to you how these elements interact with each other
  • to explain the basic rules on composition
  • Everything else is chatter.

What Not to Expect From a Photography Course

Serious photography courses show you how photography works and how things are done, but they don’t teach you how to take pictures.

Because the teacher cannot be you and cannot take pictures for you.

You are the one holding the camera and you can, with your sensitivity and culture, evaluate the context in which you are and decide:

  • If you take a picture
  • When to take the picture
  • How to take the picture

This is essential, and you have to put it in your head. The teacher must teach you how photography and cameras work and teach you the rules of composition that – as you have heard in many areas – you will have to break them. So, online photography is not a hardball as it is made clear here;, but it is basically what you need to grow.

Final Words

Being better at what you love doesn’t have to be stressful or cause you sleepless nights. Developing yourself at every opportunity should be your aim, but ensure to always have fun doing so, that way your pictures will have a feeling to it.