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Ink cartridges are expensive and they entail expensive materials like metal, plastic, and tiny microchips. Hence, it seems quite wasteful to just throw them away in the dump. As a matter of fact, used cartridges are extremely harmful to the environment and will lead to pollution if disposed of in a landfill or simply tossed into the ocean. This pollution can intoxicate the surrounding environment for the imminent years and can also cause harm that cannot be undone. Luckily, there are many ways to dispose of the printer cartridges safely. Here’s how:

  1. Many manufacturers tend to pack their ink cartridges with a returnable envelope or a package. If this is true, send them your used cartridge and ensure that it is duly recycled. The manufacturer will definitely refurbish and refill these used cartridges and sell them away at lower prices than the price of the original product.
  2. Many manufacturers will provide you rebates on imminent transactions if you recycle the old and used cartridges. This helps in saving you money and helps in preserving the environment.
  3. Many office supplies store accept the used cartridges and seek the methods of safely recycling them. Many also offer discounts or rewards on the imminent purchases in return of used ink cartridges.
  4. When you buy new cartridges, always have a look at the packaging for suggestions on how to safely dispose of the cartridges and check out what are the recycling options available to you by the brand.
  5. You can also donate it off to charity. Many charitable organizations, schools or community groups ask for cartridge donations as they have many connections with the manufacturers to get money in return for old cartridges.
  6. Do some due diligence. Have a look online for organizations nearby or businesses that would be interested in purchasing your used cartridges and look after them.

Get in touch with us at for all of your questions regarding recycling the cartridges and how to dispose of safely. If you are really rooting for disposing of your cartridges with the ordinary waste, then the least you can do is seal the cartridge in its original package or an airtight packaging to avoid anything getting leaked out of the cartridge. We heartily recommend all our customers to contribute their bit to the nature and the safety of their surroundings. Always go for recycling your old ink cartridges and avoid the contamination of nearby water sources and soil.