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The knowledge that hackers have is a gold mine that can be used to actually prevent a security breach. Surprised? Well, what you need to know here is that not all hackers mean harm. There are two types of hackers. The first type is the ones who forcefully enter your security system and then blackmail you for money. And the second ones are white collar hackers. They actually help in making your company safer against cyber attacks of all kinds. Thus, if you want to understand how to hack your company’s hikvision recorder and then use it for the purpose of removing security vulnerabilities, you must read the guide given below.

Is It Possible For Ethical Hackers To Prevent A Security Breach?

Certainly not from the crime world, but ethical hackers are as minded as unethical hackers are. So, what’s better than using constructive brains to hamper the hacking attempts made by destructive brains. And when talking about taking help from ethical hackers, it means you have to run a bounty program. The details about the process are given below.

  1. A bounty program involves the process of giving sharp ethical hackers authentication power to access your software
  2. You need to enter in a contract with the hackers you choose before giving them the access to your codes so that they cannot leak the information online or sell it out of the agreement to earn money
  3. Once ethical hackers are put to the purpose of debugging, they make use of the tools that you deem safe and run scans to identify bugs
  4. A hacker who can identify an undiscovered bug that’s a major security concern is provided with the bounty. However, the right to validate a bug depends on you. Ordinary bugs that network testing scans can easily identify do not qualify for bounty claims. Thus, running a bounty program means that sharpest mind from all across the world are working on your software. There’s nothing safer than this for defending a company from phishing attacks
  5. You can also hire ethical hackers to work as a part of your cybersecurity team to ensure that your internal security system and devices can be constantly monitored and debugged

On a closing note, bounty programs are considered worth the money because you can reject bounty claims for previously identified bugs. Besides, white collar hackers can crack codes to locate hidden bugs that can actually hide in a system for years without getting identified before launching a phishing attack. All in all, it’s the best way to make offices safe for staff, clients, and customers.